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October 6  

In this inaugural episode, Dr. Patrick MacNamara walks through the purpose of his podcast and what you can expect from future episodes.


Welcome everyone to the very first episode of the Chiropractic Marketing podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Patrick MacNamara.

Today we’re just going to walk through the purpose of this podcast and what you can expect from future episodes.

Since this is the first episode, allow me to introduce myself…

I’m a blogger, chiropractor, Christ-follower, coffee lover, cyclist, and father of two extremely talented and beautiful kids… obviously I’m biased but since I’m their dad, I can say that… right?

Oh, yeah!

I’m also a podcaster and, ironically, launched my very first podcast way back in 2010.

Yeah, back in those days podcasting wasn’t even cool. Matter of fact, most chiropractors didn’t even know what a podcast was.

So, long story short, I pulled that podcast down and sat on the idea for awhile longer.

Now I meant to launch this particular podcast several years ago but instead I chose to focus on more important things like taking care of my wife.

If you noticed earlier I mentioned father but I didn’t mention husband. That’s because my beautiful wife of over 24 years just recently passed away — matter of fact, on June 28th, 2017 — from an almost three year battle with Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Needless to say, this topic of chiropractic marketing, even though it’s a passion of mine, wasn’t even on my radar over the last few years. My focus has been on helping my wife through her sickness and taking care of our two children.

Now if you’d like an insider perspective on what it’s like to go through what we went through, I recommend that you visit That’s TEAMTINA DOT ME. is a website I created for her to document our journey. And my kids and I plan to continue updating that site in honor of her and those who are also fighting this dreaded, aggressive form of breast cancer.

So go check it out… again, that’s

Last but certainly not least, I’m a web designer.

Now I’ve been educating chiropractors on the importance of Internet marketing since 2005.

My blog, which you’ll find over at, became my main platform to chiropractors beginning in April of 2009. Since that time, I’ve written over 300 articles about internet marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing.

I’ve had articles featured in Chiropractic Economics, Dynamic Chiropractic and The American Chiropractor.

I’m also the founder of several internet marketing companies that serve the chiropractic profession. You can learn more about these companies by visiting, and

Now let’s talk about the purpose of this podcast. It really is three-fold:

  1. To educate chiropractors on the best practices of internet marketing.
  2. To encourage chiropractors to develop their own digital media platform and…
  3. To introduce chiropractors to some of the newest strategies and techniques used by some of the top Internet marketers.

With that said, my main focus will be on best practices within internet marketing.

In other words, I want you to be able to take the information I share and build a highly engaging and successful web presence that not only features you as the authority within your community but also sets you up in the most ethical and professional way possible.

I’ve been an Internet marketer since 2002. I’ve seen a lot come down the pike. Some good, some bad, some horribly awful.

My goal is to lead you down the right path so that you can experience the benefits of this type of marketing.

The format for this podcast will contain a brief discussion about a certain Internet marketing related topic, then I’ll jump into answering one or two questions that I’ve received from other chiropractors.

If you’d like to participate in the conversation, then head on over to

That’s forward slash A S K.

I’ll also leave the links to everything I’ve mentioned in today’s episode in the show notes below.

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The choice is completely yours but reviews do help build awareness of this podcast within iTunes. So I’d greatly appreciate your review and any input you can leave.

Thanks again and I’ll catch you next time…

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