How to Choose Web Hosting for Your Chiropractic Website

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October 20  

In this episode of The Chiropractic Marketing Podcast, Dr. Patrick MacNamara discusses how to choose web hosting for your chiropractic website.


Welcome everyone to Episode 3 of The Chiropractic Marketing Podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Patrick MacNamara, and today we’re going to focus on web hosting.

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Now back to the show…

Today we’re going to talk very briefly about web hosting.

In a nutshell, web hosting is simply a place to park your website.

In other words, when a webmaster builds your website, he or she will build it on a web host which really is just a bunch of servers that connect website software to the Internet.

However, not all web hosts are the same. The various technologies, software and capabilities offered on their servers can impact your sites performance which ultimately will impact your business and its bottom line.

For example, a site’s loading speed is important in today’s age.

Matter of fact, Google will penalize your website if it doesn’t load fast enough. Therefore, I recommend you choose a web host provider who understands this and offers this functionality as part of their feature set.

So who do I recommend?

For the VERY best in WordPress hosting, I recommend WPEngine.

If you’re on a limited budget, then checkout either BlueHost or Liquid Web.

I’ll leave the links to all three companies in the show notes below.

Obviously chiropractors typically aren’t interested in becoming webmasters so I won’t go into the details on how to set things up. Just make sure you choose your web hosting wisely because whomever you choose can make or break your success online.

Alright… let’s move forward with today’s Q & A.

Today’s question comes from Dr. Jose.

He asks, “How do you create an automated email followup sequence that converts website visitors or leads into new patients?”

This is a fantastic question because building an email list should be your #1 priority with Internet marketing.

Now if you’re winging it yourself and not using someone like Chiropractic Marketing Websites, you’ll need to signup for an account with some sort of email service provider like Aweber, Constant Contact, or MailChimp.

These platforms offer autoresponder services that make it pretty easy to communicate with people that signup through your website’s optin forms.

You’ll just need to spend some time writing the content that goes out with each optin. But once that’s done, everything will run on autopilot 24/7.

Now here’s a disclaimer… most email service providers offer basic autoresponder technology that works really well. But if you’re needing your messages segmented to multiple lists, then you’ll want to look elsewhere.

For example, the message you send to website visitors needs to be entirely different than the message you send to existing patients. To accomplish this, you need an email service provider that offers true segmentation functionality that can be automated from the start.

Who do I recommend for this?

A company called DRIP.

I’ve been using them for around four years now and they win hands down. If you’ve never heard of them, I’ll leave a link to their website in the show notes below.

One of the things I absolutely love about them is their ability to segment my optins into different campaigns based off of their interests and needs.

For example, not everyone coming to your site is interested in XYZ. Matter of fact, they may be interested in only ABC. So if you don’t offer them solutions within your optin form for both XYZ and ABC, you’ll lose that prospect from joining your email list which equates to a potentially lost patient.

Now obviously I used the acronyms XYZ and ABC to represent whatever keywords drove them to your site in the first place. So if you’re not segmenting your optin offerings, just understand that your percentage of conversions will be lower.

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