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May 14  

In this episode of the Chiropractic Marketing Podcast, Dr. Patrick MacNamara talks about why chiropractors should follow the Rule of Ones when running marketing campaigns for their chiropractic practices.

Gain Maximum ROI From Your Chiropractic Marketing Campaigns by Following The Rule of Ones

Welcome everyone to Episode Number 30 of The Chiropractic Marketing Podcast.

I’m your host, Dr. Patrick MacNamara, and TODAY I want to go back into the archives and review one of the most important things you should focus on when marketing your practice.

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Alright, back to the podcast.

As mentioned, today I’m going to review one of the most important things you should focus on when marketing your practice.

It’s part of a simple 3-step formula we use with clients that solves their lack of new patients and is called the RULE OF ONES.

A lot of the reasons why you struggle with marketing is because you’re doing too many things at once.

I can hear you say things like, “I’m going to start a blog, I’m going to do two different Facebook campaigns, I’m going to do a health event, I’m going to record a bunch of YouTube videos, run some Google ad campaign, et cetera…”

And what happens is you never get anything over the finish line worth writing home to mom about.

That’s because you don’t stick to the RULE OF ONES — a rule that makes sure you focus on ONE THING and ONLY one thing over 90 days until you reap a positive ROI.

Let me repeat that… you should focus on ONE THING and ONLY ONE THING over 90 days until you reap a positive ROI.

Why is this so powerful?

Because the RULE OF ONES shuts down 99% of the things you’re currently doing so that you can concentrate on the ONE THING that’ll bring you the most results over the next 90 days.

In other words, you’ll quit throwing stuff against the wall trying to see what sticks and will start focusing completely on an entire method that takes your lack of new patients from a drought and trickle of leads to a flow and flood.

Allow me to break this rule down so you can see how powerful it is…

First off, you need to focus on ONE PROSPECT.

The prospect is just a profile of your ideal patient.

This step is absolutely essential and makes sure you’re laser-focused on the right type of patient from the start because if you’re marketing to everyone you’re really marketing to no one.

It’s just noise.

Next, you need to focus on ONE MESSAGE.

Your one message is a clearly stated message that speaks directly to the ONE PROSPECT you’re trying to attract.

It has to have a currency, a metric and a timeline.

That’s the structure for your one message.

You have to say, “Here’s what I do, here’s how you measure it, and here’s the timeline.”

But most importantly, it needs to connect with your ONE PROSPECT so that they get the results they really want.

So you start with one prospect with one message, then you build from there.

Okay, now the next thing we’ll cover is the biggest game changer of the entire method.

All the other stuff we’ve done is just building up to this.

What am I talking about?


This gives you a simple way to SHOW your prospects how you can get them from point A to point B, taking them from their biggest frustration to their biggest transformation.

This is more powerful than you can imagine.

None of your competitors are doing this.

So when you create your one solution you need to ask yourself, “Okay, what are the three main milestones I offer?”

Think about it like this, if you are going write a book, if you are going to do a speaking gig, if you are going to do a webinar, even if you are going to give a health talk, what are the three main topics you’d use for your content.

There are always going to be three main steps — for example, for a financial planner it’d be “to decide, invest, and grow”.

There are always three steps — build, measure, and scale.

I want you to think about how you can translate all the information and conversations you’re currently having with your patients into one solution.

This is the million-dollar idea that makes you stick out immediately.

It’s a game changer because no one else is doing it.

Think about the book written by Stephen Covey titled Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.

The image he uses to demonstrate the seven habits allows you to anchor your mind around it and understand it much deeper.


Because he SHOWS you how to accomplish success, he doesn’t just tell you.

And that’s what your one solution will do.

It’ll give your prospects ONE CLEAR PATH to follow that’ll take them from Point A to Point B in relation to whatever health problem they’re dealing with.

This is powerful because no one else has ever shown them a solution, they’ve just told them and telling them is “me too marketing” whereas showing them puts you in a “market of one”.

Next up is having only ONE OFFER.

Now this is important but I’m not going to spend too much time here.

But you really need to learn how to attract people with a low risk offer.


So that you can generate leads and start building a quality email list sooner than later.

Without a list, you really don’t have a business.

So in order to generate leads you need to come up with a low risk offer that can be used over and over again and is easy to implement into your main lead magnet.

And that brings us to the next topic which is having ONE LEAD MAGNET.

This is the first part of the marketing funnel.

Having just ONE and ONLY ONE lead magnet.

And it needs to be high-impact, solving only one problem.

It has to position you as an expert, be time-friendly so they can consume it within minutes and it needs to be incomplete, meaning it’s only one part of the main solution to their problem.

And here’s the secret, this lead magnet needs to be part of only ONE FUNNEL using only ONE TRAFFIC SOURCE.

This allows you to streamline your marketing and is a complete game changer.

So if you look at your marketing funnel, all you are trying to do is move people through a series of pages, from this to that to the other, from an opt-in to a lead magnet to a thank you page to scheduling an appointment.

Then you just plug it into your marketing software for follow-up.

So to recap, you build one funnel around one offer that provides one solution to one prospect using only one message.

This is what I mean by the RULE OF ONES.

It allows you to create multiple streams of income into your practice simply by focusing on niche marketing.

For example, if you’re marketing yourself as just a chiropractor, you’ll struggle because you’re not bringing anything into the marketplace that isn’t already there.

Instead, you need to set yourself apart from your peers by being an expert around certain conditions.

This is what I call niche marketing and it’s extremely powerful.

I recommend you pick at least FOUR SPECIFIC NICHES that you’re comfortable treating.

Why four?

Because you can rotate them every quarter throughout the year by following the RULE OF ONES.

Some of the most popular niches right now that chiropractors are seeing success with are Knee pain, Shoulder pain, Neuropathy, and Foot pain.

By following what I just covered, you simply set yourself up as THE EXPERT in EACH CONDITION and use the RULE OF ONES to determine its ROI before scaling it to whatever level you’d like to take it.

The beautiful thing about this is once you’ve tested the market and have everything in place it simply runs itself.

If you’d like more information on how to put this together, please visit Chiropractic Marketing Websites dot com.

That’s Chiropractic Marketing Websites dot com or, if you don’t want to type all of that in, just enter GET CMW dot com.

That’s G E T C M W dot com.

Alright, that wraps things up for today…

Thanks for tuning in to the Chiropractic Marketing Podcast.

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